Friday, 29 April 2011

Garden Centre Spider - Uloborus plumipes

    Uloborus plumipes
    Family - Uloboridae
    Genus - Uloborus
    Also known as Feather-Legged Lace Weaver / Hothouse Featherleg.
    These Spiders hang upside down in their horizontal webs.
    From Asia & Africa.
    Uloborus plumipes is one of few spiders that don't have venom to
    inject to kill its prey.

    Wyevale Garden Centre
    Brighton, East Sussex

    Wyevale garden Centre

    Wyevale garden Centre

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Coelotes sp.

    Family - Amaurobiidae used to be Agelenidae
    Genus - Coelotes
    Many thanks to Gary Bradley of
    for forwarding my photo's to Ian Dawson of the
    British Arachnological Society.
    Many thanks to Ian for sharing his knowledge:-
    "This is a Coelotes sp., either C. atropos or C. terrestris, depending on
    where it was found. The female remains with her eggsac until she
    dies, the young spiderlings feeding on her body."

    Kingley Vale Nature Reserve, West Sussex
    Kingley Vale Nature Reserve, West Sussex

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Agalenatea redii

    Family - Araneidae
    Genus - Agalenatea
    Thanks to Gary Bradley of for helping to Id.

    Kingley Vale Nature Reserve
    West Sussex
    Agalenatea redii

    Lullington Heath
    Jevington, East Sussex