Sunday, 21 July 2013

Spiders of Nashville, Tennessee

    My friend Jacquie PapĂ© Shankster, kindly sent me this photo of a Spider
    she found 'sitting on her dog's toy. Very slow and did not run away!
    It was huge!'   

Nashville, Tennessee, USA


    Order : Pseudoscorpionida / Chelonethida
    Pseudoscorpions are tiny arachnids. The possess no sting. They have large 
    pincers to catch prey, such as clothes moth larvae, carpet beetle larvae, 
    booklice, ants, mites, small flies, as well as each other.
    This species, about 2-3mm in size, I found at Bedelands Nature Reserve,
    Burgess Hill.  


Neobisium carcinoides - ID by Gerald Legg - 
Bedelands Nature Reserve
Burgess Hill
West Sussex


Episinus angulatus

    Family : Theridiidae
    Genus : Episinus
    These spiders weave very small webs, consisting of just a few strands of silk.
    An uncommon spider, although, I have found three males and two females in
    my garden and inside my flat. Peter Harvey of the British Arachnological 
    Society and the Spider Recording Scheme, ID'd the first, adult male for me,
    and he seems quite amused that I have these spiders in my home!
    Adult male Episinus angulatus
    ID by Peter Harvey BAS

    Second Adult male Episinus angulatus that I've found on the door to my 
    back garden.
    Brighton, East Sussex

    Female - found in my living room!
    Brighton, East Sussex

Xysticus lanio

    Family : Thomisidae
    Genus : Xysticus
    Size: Female - 7mm / Male - 5mm
    A new find for me. He appeared on my Bee suit, as I was photographing
    Beekeepers, amid 5 million Honey bees.
    Peter Harvey of the B.A.S. and S.R.S., ID'd him for me as 'an adult male  
    Xysticus lanio, a rather local woodland spider. It is quite a nice spider to

    Paynes Southdown Bee Farms Ltd.
    Hassocks, West Sussex

Arctosa leopardus

    Family : Lycosidae
    Genus : Arctosa
    Size: Female - 9mm / Male - 7mm
    I found this handsome, and quite rare spider, hunting in the damp moss
    around the edge of a dew pond. I sent him to Peter Harvey of the B.A.S.
    and the S.R.S., he ID'd the spider as an adult male A. leopardus.
    Jewish Cemetery
    Brighton, East Sussex

Achaearanea simulans

    Family : Theridiidae
    Genus : Achaearanea
    Size : Female - 4mm / Male - 3mm
    Spiders of the family, Theridiidae, weave quite large, three dimensional,
    messy looking, tangled webs. Achaearanea are characterized by a high
    abdomen. I usually find these spiders, hidden amongst leaf debris caught in
    their web.
    I found this Spider, in an old woodland, along the edge of Bevendean
    Down, East Sussex. I bent down, to look under a log and noticed this Spider
    hanging from my head. ID'd by Peter Harvey of the British Arachnological
    Society and the Spider Recording Scheme, as an adult female A. simulans.
    Bevendean Down, 
    East Sussex
    Source material : Spiders of Britain and Northern Europe by Dick Jones.

Sitticus pubescens

    Family : Salticidae
    Genus : Sitticus
    A new find for me, a beautiful little jumping spider.
    Confirmed by Peter Harvey of the British Arachnological Society
    and the Spider Recording Scheme, as an adult male Sitticus pubescens.
    Paynes Southdown Bee Farms Ltd.,
    Hassocks, West Sussex
    I found this second, male S. pubescens on a door, he sat in the same place for
    nearly a week!
    Paynes Southdown Bee Farms Ltd.,
    Hassocks, West Sussex
    I spotted this one, much to my surprise, on my outer kitchen wall.
    Brighton, East Sussex

Clubiona reclusa

    Family : Clubionidae
    Genus : Clubiona
    Female Clubiona reclusa - ID confirmed by Peter Harvey of the
    I found this nocturnal Spider, in her daytime, silken retreat. Fashioned in
    an old, dry, Nettle leaf, in low vegetation, next to a dew pond.
    Jewish Cemetery 
    Brighton, East Sussex