Saturday, 17 December 2011

Lace Webbed Spider - Amaurobius ferox

    Family - Amaurobiidae
    Genus - Amaurobius
    A nocturnal Spider that spins a lacy, bluish web.
    Found mainly under stones and logs.
    The Male Palpal organs are very distinctive as they are white.
    Female: 11-15mm / Male: 8-10mm
    This photograph was very kindly sent to me by George Walker,
    who found this Male in his Outhouse.
    Many thanks to Peter Harvey of the BAS for help with identification.
    Photo by George Walker
    Ogmore Vale

Monday, 12 December 2011

Pirate Spiders - Mimetidae

    Family - Mimetidae
    12 genera, 152 species
    Unusual Egg Sac.
    I think this is the work of a Pirate Spider (Genus - Ero ?)
    " could be Ero aphana, but I don't know how distinctive this is
    in relation to other species". - Peter Harvey BAS
    This Species preys on other Spiders by invading their webs.
    Extra Mural Cemetery
    Second Egg Sac on the same Tomb
    Extra Mural Cemetery

    Third Egg Sac
    This one was under a Stone Urn, next to another Spider's Web.
    Extra Mural Cemetery
    Brighton, East Sussex

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Argiope lobata

    Family - Araneidae
    Genus - Argiope
    Male - 6mm / Female - upto 25mm
    Known as the Lobed Argiope.
    Quite a large Orb Weaving Spider found all over Africa and stretching
    to Southern Europe and into Asia.
    Distinctive zig-zag pattern/ ribboning (stabilimenta) emanating from the centre
    of the Orb Web, thought to be a disguise from predators by camouflaging the
    Spider or making it appear larger.
    A relative of the UK's Wasp Spider - Argiope bruennichi.
    Many thanks to Nick Loebner, who very kindly sent me these great
    Photographs and recording information.
    Les Marines, Barcares Grande Plage.
    Near Perpignan, Southern France.
    Photographs by Nick Loebner.