Friday, 30 March 2012

Water Mites - Hydrachna sp.

   Family - Hydrachnidae
   Genus - Hydrachna
   I found these bizarre little Aquatic Arachnids in a water trough.
   They appeared to be consuming their young, as can be seen in the Video below.
   Credit to Stuart Schaum for id.

   Extra Mural Cemetery

Phoretic Mites

    These Mites feed on excess Pollen. They will need another host pretty
    sharpish as this Bumble Bee certainly isn't going anywhere!

    Extra Mural Cemetery

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Micaria pulicaria

    Family: Gnaphosidae
    Genus: Micaria 
    Known as the Glossy Ant-Spider and found living with Ants.
    Many thanks to Peter Harvey (BAS) for Id
    Extra Mural Cemetery

Pirate Spiders - Ero sp.

    Family - Mimetidae
    Genus - Ero
    Known as Pirate Spiders. They invade other Spiders Webs and feed on the
    inhabitants. This is the first one I've ever seen and a very exciting find for me!
    I had a feeling it was a Mimetid so I sent these photographs to Peter Harvey
    of the British Arachnological Society.
    "This is Mimetidae yes, Ero. From the four tubercles on the abdomen, the
    way these are arranged and the early date, this is almost certainly
    Ero aphana - this used to occur as a very rare spider on some
    southern heathlands, but in more recent years has increased markedly,
    turning up much more widely and in all sorts of habitats". Peter Harvey (BAS)
    Wyevale Garden Centre

Phrurolithus festivus

    Family: Liocranidae
    Genus: Phrurolithus
    I found her living with Ants along the edge of a Grave.
    Extra Mural Cemetery

    Many thanks to Peter Harvey (BAS) for Id confirmation.

Anelosimus sp.

    Family - Theridiidae
    Genus - Anelosimus
    "This looks like Anelosimus vittatus, which would be juvenile at
    this time of year so can't really be reliably identified because
    of potential confusion with the much rarer A. aulicus".
    Peter Harvey (British Arachnological Society)
    Extra Mural Cemetery