Thursday, 14 July 2011

Wolf Spiders - Pirata sp.

    Family - Lycosidae
    Genus - Pirata
    Eight Pirata species known in Europe, seven of which inhabit wet,
    marshland as well hunting on damp moss. They can run across water
    and catch insects on or just below the surface
    Elongated U-shaped on the carapace.
    Carapace sometimes fringed with white hairs.

    Female with Egg Sac

    Female carrying Spiderlings
    Pevensey Marshes
    Sussex Wildlife Trust Nature Reserve
    East Sussex

   Found this one seemingly, frantically chasing Pond Skaters
   on the surface of a Pond.   
   Stanmer Park, East Sussex
   July 25.07.2011
    Old Lodge Nature Reserve
    Ashdown Forest
    East Sussex
    Burton Mill Pond, West Sussex

    Juvenile Pirata sp.
    Found running across a Dew Pond
    Cuckmere Haven, East Sussex

    Many thanks to Peter Harvey of the British Arachnological
    Society Spider Recording Scheme for Id.

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