Monday, 13 August 2012

Huntsman spiders

    Family : Sparassidae
    These Spiders are also known as Giant Crab Spiders.
    My friend Lyn Paul from Brisbane, Australia, very kindly sent me this
    photograph and allowed me to post it here.
    In Lyn's words - "...we had this one for a long time, not as a pet, 
    just as a co-resident ... he was harmless, and was a great distraction for
    the kids. They are very friendly. This one lived in the kitchen for many
    months, then moved to another room, and got jammed behind the wall unit
    and died".
    Holconia immanis? Female
    If it is this Species, they are one of the largest Huntsmen found in Australia.
    Photograph by Lyn Paul  
    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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