Friday, 24 September 2010

Spitting Spider - Scytodes thoracica

    Family - Scytodidae
    Genus - Scytodes
    Female - 4-6mm / Male - 3-5mm
    These six-eyed Spiders don't make webs and seem quite nomadic.
    They have two lobed glands in their heads, the front one
    produces poison, the back one produces a glue-like substance.
    Combined they shoot a sticky poisonous gum at their prey, pinning it
    down, then move in for the kill.
    They rock from side to side when spitting, causing a zig-zag thread.

    Hunting on my hallway ceiling
    This is the first Spitting Spider I have found outside.
    Only just though, above my back door.
    Found this one floating in my water butt. I thought she
    was dead but she dried herself out & went on her way.
    I sometimes find these strange six-eyed spiders on my
    bathroom walls and ceiling.

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