Monday, 5 September 2011

Cheiracanthium sp.

    Family - Clubionidae
    Genus - Cheiracanthium
    Eight European species of Cheiracanthium.
    First pair of legs are longer than Clubiona sp.making them distinguishable.
    Found in Silken retreats at the tops of Grass and also under stones.
    Greyish-brown abdomen with reddish median stripe and pale yellow
    stripes either side.

    Sheltering from the rain under a Gorse bush I spotted a small Silken retreat
    at the tip of some grass. I looked inside and this Spider popped out.
    I put her back in her retreat after taking these photo's.
    Lullington Heath, East Sussex
    I sent these photo's to Peter Harvey of the BAS for Id confirmation:
    'The Cheiracanthium is a juvenile which is almost certainly C. erraticum,
    but which could just possibly on southern heathland be the very similar
    C. pennyi, but this can't be distinguished without adult under microscope -
    outward appearance virtually identical'.   
    Wildlife Nature Reserve
    Tattershall Road

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