Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Fence-Post Jumping Spider - Marpissa muscosa

    Family - Salticidae
    Genus - Marpissa
    One of my favourite Spiders. Their large eyes and furry appearance
    give them a sense ofreal character.
    Their first pair of legs are chunkier and darker than the rest.
    The Males use these legs in courtship displays.
    They have amazing eyesight - binocular vision and elaborate focussing.
    Thought to be sensitive to colour as well as to polarized light.
    They often jump at my Camera Lens as they can see their own reflection.
    Some species of Jumping Spider can jump over twenty times their own length.

    Male sporting Purplish Palps - ready for mating (?)
    Living in the Pondhouse
    Stanmer Park

    Living in a Bird Hide
    Pulborough Brooks RSPB Nature Reserve
    Male sporting Golden Palps
    Stoneywish Nature Reserve
    East Sussex
    Female hunting on a Wooden Bridge
    Woods Mill Nature Reserve
    East Sussex

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