Saturday, 28 January 2012

Crab Spider Excreting

    Here is a short film of a Crab Spider - Xysticus sp. excreting.
    I have only observed this once before, in a large, gravid female Nursery
    Web Spider (Pisaura Mirabilis), she literally squirted it out like a jet spray!
    I've never looked into this before but I learned some interesting facts about
    Spider excretions today. Spiders don't produce much waste, as they do not
    consume the indigestible parts (exoskeleton) of their prey. They do not have
    separate urine and feces. Spider droppings consist mainly of Guanine (a
    component of DNA, found in all life on Earth), also Adenine, Hypoxanthine
    and Uric acid, all of which are nitrogenous.


  1. Thank you Nik! My first time seeing a spider excreting and frankly, I haven't thought about it much. Why isn't there more frass or some such poop in their webs? But right, they suck their prey dry.
    This is a damn fine arachniscape here, music and footage. Thank you so much for your insights about spiders. ~7Song

  2. Many thanks 7song! I haven't really thought about it before either. A lucky capture - a privilege no less! Amazing how it dissolves. I love the way she scuttles off. Made me chuckle at the time. I'm glad you enjoyed it.


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