Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Spiders of Nepal

    My friend Gabrielle Lewry, very kindly sent me this photo
    that she took of a beautiful Argiope sp. Gabrielle spotted the Spider,
    whilst filming the rice harvest near Kathmandu, Nepal. 

    Photograph by Gabrielle Lewry
    December 2014

    My friend Robert Hopkins sent me these excellent Photographs.
    Robert travels to some remote places around the world and he has very
    kindly given me permission to post his sightings on my Blog.
    Nephila sp. - a type of Orb Weaver. Although the Web
    doesn't look particularly Orb shaped. She does look like she is
    busy constructing her web as the photo was taken.
    Robert tells me the Spider was the size of his palm.
    Everest trek, Nepal
    November 2011
    Nephila and her young? Robert tells me the web was 20-25 ft
    above ground and that they were everywhere.
    Everest trek, Nepal
    Photographs by Robert Hopkins
    November 2011

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