Sunday, 21 July 2013

Achaearanea simulans

    Family : Theridiidae
    Genus : Achaearanea
    Size : Female - 4mm / Male - 3mm
    Spiders of the family, Theridiidae, weave quite large, three dimensional,
    messy looking, tangled webs. Achaearanea are characterized by a high
    abdomen. I usually find these spiders, hidden amongst leaf debris caught in
    their web.
    I found this Spider, in an old woodland, along the edge of Bevendean
    Down, East Sussex. I bent down, to look under a log and noticed this Spider
    hanging from my head. ID'd by Peter Harvey of the British Arachnological
    Society and the Spider Recording Scheme, as an adult female A. simulans.
    Bevendean Down, 
    East Sussex
    Source material : Spiders of Britain and Northern Europe by Dick Jones.

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