Friday, 1 October 2010

Camel Spiders - Solpugids

    Family - Solifugae
    Also known as Wind Scorpion, Jerrymuglum, Sun Scorpion,
    Sun Spider, False Spider and Child of the Earth Spider
    The name translates as 'those that flee from the sun'
    Not a true Spider. This one was apparently from Egypt -
    according to the pet shop.
    This one pictured, I had the pleasure to get to know for a short while.
    My brother found her in a pet shop. She was very sluggish.
    When my brother very kindly passed her onto me she became
    extremely lively. She had a large appetite for Crickets and Meal Worms.
    Sadly she only lived with me for 3 weeks.
    I posted pictures on Arachnoboards and other, fellow Arachnerds
    helped me sex and age her. It was the general opinion that she had
    obviously starved during transit as she was very thin and was at the end of her life.
    She was very active up until her sad demise.
    She was the most amazing creature I have ever come into contact with.
    She even starred on BBC1's The One Show and is still featured on
    their website in Spider Week - Click Here to see the BBC film.
    At the time, my footage was the only on Youtube of a captive Solifugid
    that wasn't being abused/ pitted against other animals etc., which is why
    they asked to use my footage.
    There are two video's of her on Youtube:  
    Camel Spider - Solifugid and Camel Spider / Solifugid Eats a Meal Worm


    I still have her preserved although her abdomen has diminished somewhat.

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