Saturday, 9 October 2010

Steatoda nobilis

    Family - Theridiidae
    Genus - Steatoda
    Known as the False Widow Spider.
    Originally from the Canary Islands and Madeira.
    Introduced to the UK with bananas. Well established on
    the South Coast for over 100 years.
    They have been known to bite.
    Female - 8.5-14mm / Male 7-10mm
    A Widow's Lair...
    In a Flint wall
    Brighton Extra Mural Cemetery
    Female consuming another Spider
    Extra Mural Cemetery
    Brighton, East Sussex

    This Female was nesting alongside a Segestria senoculata lair.
    I found her on the floor, twitching. I assume the Segestria had bitten her.
    It took her two days to die.
    Female - 8.5-14mm / Male 7-10mm
    Brighton Extra Mural Cemetery 09/10/2010
    After a night of very heavy rain this Spider is obviously very
    hungry as she has left her lair to pursue this large Woodlouse.

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