Thursday, 21 October 2010

Unidentified Spiders

    These are Spiders that I have not been able to identify or cannot be sure
    of by using the Collins Guide,
    or am unsure of. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

     Zelotes sp. ?
    Brighton & Preston Cemetery

    Unusual Crab Spider
    Ozyptila sp. perhaps?
    Brighton, East Sussex
    My friend Janet Henbane sent me this Photograph of a rather large
    looking Spider that she found in an imported box of Vegetables.
    I sent the image to Peter Harvey of the British Arachnological Society.
    "... may be a large lycosid Lycosa (L. fabrilis is our only British species,
    but it would not be this) or possible a Zoropsis. Either would probably
    originate from southern Europe".
    Living in detritus / leaf litter at the foot of a tree.
    Stoneywish Nature Reserve
    Ditchling, East Sussex
    A Peruvian Spider.
    Photo by Robert Manson.
    Sheetweb with a tapered funnel on "a clump of grass-like vegetation.
    It was in Cloud Forest at about 2,700 metres.
    It was about 2 to 3 inches" in size.
    Inca Trail, Winay Wayna, Peru.
    June 2011
    Nesting on a small tree.
    Brighton Extra Mural Cemetery, East Sussex

    Theridion sp. I think
    Same as above, with hatched Spiderlings.
    Brighton Extra Mural Cemetery
    I found this Spider living in a long sac,
    under a clump of fallen moss, in the shadow of the
    roots of an upturned tree in the copse along the edge
    of the Heath.
    Kings Standing, Ashdown Forest
    Agelenatea redii, or possibly Araneus (Atea) sturmi
    Many thanks to Peter Harvey of the British Arachnological
    Society Spider Recording Scheme for his advice with this Spider.
    Brighton Extra Mural Cemetery

    Zelotes sp. or Drassyllus pusillus (?)
    Living on a fence-post
    Kingley Vale Nature Reserve, West Sussex
    Zelotes sp. or Drassyllus pusillus (?)
    Many thanks to Peter Harvey of the British
    Arachnological Society Spider recording Scheme
    for his help and advice with these Spiders.
    Jevington, East Sussex
    Living on a fence-post around a Horse field.
    Seven Sisters Cliffs
    Cuckmere Haven
    East Sussex
    Brighton Extra Mural Cemetery
    Comb Footed Spider?
    Dulwich, London
    Bathroom dweller
    Lullington Heath, East Sussex
    Theridion sp. (?)


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  1. your lullington heath spider is mangora acalypha.. but then you'll probably know that now when you look back at it ;)

    Some lovely spider images on your site anyway!


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