Thursday, 21 October 2010

Missing Sector Orb Web Spiders - Zygiella sp.

    Family - Araneidae
    Genus - Zygiella
    Five Northern European species.
    These Spiders make an Orb Web and leave a small section missing,
    with a single strain of silk, acting as the signal line that leads up to the retreat.
    Zygiella atrica drops straight down from its web if disturbed.
    Living on the 'Earth Ship'
    Stanmer Park, Brighton
    Biggest one I've ever seen
    Pevensey Marshes
    Sussex Wildlife Nature Reserve
    East Sussex
    Living on the Chalk Cliffs
    Cuckmere Haven
    Zygiella x-notata
    Thanks to Gary Bradley of for help in identification.
    Living with Walnut Orb Weaver Spiders on the Seven Sisters
    Chalk Cliffs at Cuckmere Haven,
    East Sussex
    Zygiella x-notata
    Brighton Extra Mural Cemetery
    Zygiella x-notata
    The Dyke Golf Course, Brighton
    Zygiella x-notata
    Brighton Extra Mural Cemetery

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