Monday, 25 October 2010

Tube Web Spider - Segestria senoculata

    Family - Segestriidae
    Genus - Segestria
    These Spiders live in Tubular retreats - holes in walls and bark
    and sometimes under stones. The retreats have trip wires connected to
    the entrance. I have observed them backing up and seemingly,
    pulling 'curtains' shut inside their tubular retreat
    They are quite aggressive Spiders and are very fast. They rush out to grab
    prey then drag it back into the retreat. First three pairs of legs point forwards.
    These Spiders are also known as Snake - Back Spiders.
    They have six eyes. Cylindrical, elongated Abdomen.
    Flint wall
    Brighton Extra Mural Cemetery
    By my front door.
   The Snake-Back
   Lots of them living in Flint Walls
   Brighton Extra Mural Cemetery
    Lots of them living in walls of my back garden
    This Male is above my back door
    Segestria senoculata with an Aphid in it's jaws.

    Living around my Kitchen Window Sill
    Three of them living in same vicinity.
    I observed this False Widow - Steatoda nobilis,
    assuming she had been bitten by the largest Segestria senoculata living
    in my back garden walls.
    It took her two days to die. She twitched and shook throughout.
    Segestria senoculata
    Back Garden, Brighton
    Hove, East Sussex
    Back Garden, Brighton
    Segestria senoculata
    These two live in very close vicinity of each other by my back door.
    Back Garden, Brighton

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  1. Wow! What a drama. Spider-on-spider predation is something that always gives me the shivers for some reason.


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